Motion Picture Film Transfer

At Gahanna Video Pros, we take great pride in preserving 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm home movies. Check out the short video below to learn more about our film transfer process (51 seconds long).

We can transfer your family home movies to DVD and/or AVI digital files on a USB Flash Drive.

Motion Picture Film Transfer to DVD

If you would like your 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm film reels transferred to DVD, we charge 24¢ per foot. After cleaning and prepping your films by hand, we scan your film with our RetroScan Universal 2K Film Scanner. The RetroScan provides flicker-free, frame-accurate film scans with excellent detail and amazing color reproduction. After performing a telecine process for correct frame rate, we send the files to Final Cut Pro and then DVD Studio Pro. Your resulting DVD will have chapter markers at the beginning of each reel for convenient DVD navigation. In addition to your DVD, you can also elect to purchase HD AVI files on a flash drive for an additional $15. (DVDs are Standard Definition so we always recommend considering the High Definition AVI digital files). All of your original film reels will be returned when your project is done.

Motion Picture Film Transfer to AVI Digital Files

If a DVD is not necsessary and you only want AVI digital files, we charge 19¢ per foot. You will receive High Definition AVI files (16:9 aspect ratio) and Standard Definition AVI Files (4:3 aspect ratio) on a USB flash drive. The AVI files will be numbered to match the numbers that we assign to each reel of film. We charge $15 for the flash drive that contains your SD and HD AVI Files.

Estimating How Many Feet of Film You Have

The most common film reel sizes are listed below. 16mm reels can be larger than 7 inches but the following sizes are accurate for most reels including smaller reels of 16mm.

  • 50 foot reel - 3" diameter

  • 100 foot reel - 4" diameter

  • 200 foot reel - 5" diameter

  • 300 foot reel - 6" diameter

  • 400 foot reel - 7" diameter